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LFS Introduces…Fran Brady & Love Ghana

Hello. Thanks to LFS for the chance to be a guest post. My real name is Frances Young but my penname is Fran Brady so that’s what I go by on Facebook. My maiden name (such a funny, old-fashioned expression that seems now) was Brady so I am really me by either name. A rose by any other.

I started writing fiction about four years ago. I’d always wanted to write (something a bit more imaginative than research reports, feasibility studies, staff appraisals and funding proposals, which I spent my professional life on) but it wasn’t until I reached the great age of retirement that I got the chance. Since then, after a few creative writing courses, I have been hooked.

To my own and everyone else’s astonishment, I have churned out millions of words resulting in one published and one unpublished novel and another one in first draft form at present. My published novel is The Ball Game and you can buy it on Amazon and in some bookshops.

Recently one of my daughters set up a new charity to raise money for mothers and children in Ghana. “What would I like to do for it?” she asked me. Dreading another sponsored walk – I love the walking but hate collecting the money – I decided to put together some of my short stories, fund the first print run and sell them at £5 each. The full £5 from each copy goes to the charity, which is Love Ghana

So Tales to Dip Into is now available from: Just email me that you want one (or more) and I will send you an order form.

Then relax, uncurl your toes and dip them into this little book… Meet a mad woman in the streets of Florence, a baby speaking from the womb and a nonagenarian going courting. Watch Facebook ‘friends’ at the Edinburgh Book Festival, go to garage sales in Toronto and attend the last performance of a stage legend. And much more! Fifteen funny, romantic, sad, dark and quirky tales – three of each.

Indulge yourself and support a wonderful cause at the same time.

Go on… You know you want to.

You can get a copy of Tales To Dip Into to support Love Ghana by e-mailing Fran (click here) Find out more about Fran Brady by heading over to her website You can also find out more about Love Ghana on facebook or by heading over to their website.

Thank you Frances (aka Fran!) for sharing with us, I love your writing, and hope that the book raises lots of funds for Love Ghana!


LFS Introduces… Lindsey, a Communications Director

Give us a brief summary of who you are and what you are doing…

My name is Lindsey Nobles. I live in Nashville, TN and work as the Director of Communications for Thomas Nelson. Originally from Dallas, TX, I landed in Nashville via Birmingham via Dallas via Boulder. I have an adorable collie mix named Molly. Seriously, she might be the cutest dog on the planet.

For those of us that don’t know, what does Thomas Nelson do as a company?

Thomas Nelson is the world’s largest Christian publisher and the 7th largest trade publisher in the United States. Some of my favorite books that we have published are Ron Hall & Denver Moore’s Same Kind of Different as Me, Rich Stearn’s The Hole in Our Gospel, and Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.

How did you get into working for Thomas Nelson?

I began at Thomas Nelson 2 and half years ago. And getting this job was totally a “God thing.” I had interviewed, been offered, and turned down at Thomas Nelson about a year before. And then after some things that had kept me in Birmingham fell apart, I reached out to the person who had offered me a job a year before. I was like, “You are probably going to think I am certifiable but I have been thinking of moving to Nashville and would love to work for Thomas Nelson…” Long story, shorter, after a series of interviews with Michael Hyatt, I got the job.

Where do you see God working in your role at Thomas Nelson?

Working at Thomas Nelson and for Michael Hyatt has been a tremendous opportunity. God is at work in me. I can feel it, like I’ve never felt it before. Sometimes I take for granted how amazing it is to be able to share publicly my personal journey, and in particular my faith.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

Without sounding like a total brown-noser, my favourite (spelled the British way because that seems much more cool) thing about my job is being able to work with Michael Hyatt. He is constantly inspiring and stretching me.

What is the most challenging thing about your role?

The most challenging thing about my role is also something I like about it. It is that my role really doesn’t have a lot of definition around it. A do a lot of this and a little of that.

Who do you have supporting you? How do they support you?

I don’t have any direct reports but I do work with a lot of people both internally and externally that support me – IT folks, programmers, designers, etc.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of entering into a similar career path to you?

I never woke up and thought, “I want to be in Corporate Communications” or even “I want to work for a Christian publisher.” My advice would be to figure out what you enjoy and be great at it. Don’t get comfortable; try to be exceptional at what you do.

If people wanted to pray for you, what would you like them to talk to God about on your behalf?

Pray that I would keep the faith and that I would continue to trust in God’s plan for me.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Lindsey! It is so clear that God is using you in Nashville and it’s so inspiring to see. Praying for your continued faith and trust in God with your life.

You can connect with Lindsey through her blog I’m Just Saying at

LFS Introduces…Jenni Catron from CultivateHer

Please introduce yourself and give us a brief summary of what Cultivate Her is all about

My name is Jenni Catron.  I serve as the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN where I lead a staff of 30 at three campuses.  I love a fabulous cup of tea, great books, learning the game of tennis and hanging out with my husband and border collie.  I’m passionate about leadership and equipping others to lead well.

For years I’ve dreamed of creating an environment where women can connect, grow and be encouraged in their leadership development.  So after years of dreaming about it I finally stepped out last fall to launch “Cultivate Her.”

Cultivate Her is a leadership environment where women are inspired, challenged and encouraged in their leadership growth.  No matter what your leadership influence looks like, your gifts will be cultivated to encourage you to embrace our motto “wherever you lead, lead well!”

Cultivate Her monthly events include breakfast; time to connect with other women leaders, and challenging and inspiring teaching/discussion on leadership issues.

How did you get involved with/what inspired you to start Cultivate Her?

Through my journey as a woman leader, I have often found myself very isolated and longing for more connectivity with other women leaders.  In many seasons I have felt like the other women leaders around me, especially those a few steps ahead of me, were too busy to or disinterested in giving me some encouragement or direction.  Cultivate Her was started out of a passion to create a place for leadership-minded women to connect and encourage one another.  I believe the more we equip and encourage each other, the greater our confidence will be and the greater the opportunities we’ll have to lead.

What do you would like people to gain from Cultivate Her?

My hope is that women will be inspired to uncover their dreams and giftedness and grow more confident in leading wherever God has placed them.

What is 2010 shaping up to look like for Cultivate Her?

This year we’ll continue to hold our monthly events in Nashville.  We’re also praying about quarterly events and taking Cultivate Her to other cities.

Who do you have supporting you?  How do they support you?

There are 8 amazing women who make up the Cultivate Her leadership team. These women are some of my dearest friends and amazing leaders.  Each of them has personally invested a lot of time and financial resources to make this a reality.  We’re a non-profit organization so we are also supported by the donations of those who attend the events.

Do you partner with anyone else?

Cross Point Church (where I work) has been a great support by allowing us to use the facility for our events.

We’ve been placed with donations from several organizations.

Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson from the blog “Leading and Loving It” have been a great support

What piece of advice would you give to anyone with a dream they’re thinking of starting up?

To use our word… You have to cultivate that dream.  Journal about it, pray about it, share it with people you love and trust and get their feedback, keep praying about it and when you feel God nudging you – GO FOR IT!  You will never have it all figured out.  You’ll never be completely ready, but if it is a God-given dream, just be obedient to His calling and hang on for the ride!

How can others engage with you and others at Cultivate Her?

We just launched our blog at  We hope this will be a great resource to connect women leaders.  All of our team members blogs are listed there and of course I love to continue the leadership discussions at my blog “Leading in Shades of Grey”.

If people would like to pray for you, what would you have them talk to God about on your behalf?

Wisdom.  Pray that we use our influence wisely and steward the responsibility of leadership well.  Pray that women who are feeling discouraged, alone or directionless would engage with other women through the events or blog.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Jenni! As a woman leader, I’m really excited and so encouraged to see organisations like CultivateHer emerging. Hoping the CultivateHer team make it to Scotland one day soon…!

You can follow the CultivateHer blog at and you can also follow Jenni’s own blog, Leading In Shades of Grey at

LFS Introduces…Rebecca, a student Nurse

Hello! Please introduce yourself, and give us a brief summary about what you are doing just now.

I’m Rebecca, [age] 20 and a student at the University of Surrey, England. I am doing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Adult Nursing Studies. The course is a mix of 50% theory in lectures and 50% practice in different hospital settings. The course lasts 3 years and I hope to achieve my qualification in July this year! 🙂

How is it going?

I would need a million hands to count the amount of times I have wanted to give up and just say ‘this is too much’. The course is tough and most nights keeps me up way past midnight to finish work, research and read up on nursing practice etc. In spite of that it has gone far better than I could ever have expected. It gets more rewarding and exciting as each day leads to my qualification. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs but I would not have traded it for the world.

How did you get into nursing?

It all started when I was around 12 years old. At first I wanted to be a Midwife – pretty ironic considering I never want to be a Midwife now I am doing the Nursing. However, I first got into it when my Mum liaised with Nurses as part of her job. I was fascinated by their demeanour, their uniform and the medical terms they used in conversation. Even though I was really interested in their roles I still maintained I wanted to do Midwifery. I was confident I would be offered a place on the course at the university of my choice. Wrong. The University of Surrey felt that I was too young to become a Midwifery student and they offered me a Nursing position instead. It was safe to say I was very upset and I felt like I had failed at something I always felt was my ‘calling’ to do. I was then offered a Midwifery position at another university. But I found that I was not as happy and jumping for joy like I imagined I would be. It was a really confusing couple of days for me! As I was toying between a career I thought I had always wanted to do and another I had been interested in but never really looked into it as ‘suiting’ me. I found it hard to believe that a panel of people thought I could make a good Nurse. After deliberating, researching and many conversations with myself I made a decision. And 3 years later it remains the best decision I have ever made! Nursing is the career for me 🙂

Has it been everything you expected?

Yes and No. I expected it to be hard, be long hours and tiring. I guess I expected the whole negative side to it…typical huh?! I never went into this course blind. However, one of the things I didn’t expect was just how comfortable I felt easing into the nursing role. I remember before starting my clinicals/placements all my friends talking about the injections, wound dressings and the people they had catheterised etc.. I remember thinking ‘How on Earth can I do that? What had I let myself in for?’ Yet when I was asked by other Nurses to carry out those types of interventions I surprised myself at how incredibly easy and comfortable I felt doing them. It was those moments I thought ‘I can do this!‘ and I never expected that!

What is your favourite thing about your role as a Nurse/Student Nurse?

It may come across cliché but without a doubt the people I care for. I adore getting to know them, their stories, their background, their humour and not just their illness and why they need nursing care. I enjoy making them smile when they feel very unwell. I love doing crosswords, or talking by their bedsides when they miss their family. I adore learning new skills and for them to trust me practising on them is SUCH a privilege. I love the fact that they are my patients for that shift and I am their Nurse to care for them.

What is the most challenging thing about being a Nurse/Student Nurse?

The sheer workload is tough to deal with. We constantly have to apply our theory of nursing knowledge into our nursing practice. That in itself is very draining. As well as having to do a 37.5 hour week (no pay!), earn money at weekends, have a social life and somehow fit adequate sleep into the equation all adds to feeling quite exhausted a lot of the time. I guess the only difference to when I am qualified is that I will be paid 🙂

What do you wish others knew about nursing?

I wish people knew just HOW HARD it is. I am not waving the sympathy flag because I chose to do this and I LOVE it. However, people don’t tend realise the importance of the nursing role and the lengths we have to go to ensure EVERYONE who needs us gets the care they need. Nursing is 24/7, 365 days a year. It never stops. We never shut our doors. A lot of Nurses I have spoken with have said that the public doesn’t tend to appreciate the nursing role until they need nursing care themselves. We can so easily judge the drunk person who stumbles into A&E with a bleeding wound to the head and say ‘you had that coming.’ We could so easily condemn a patient who has cancer related to their smoking and say ‘well the amount you smoke we’re not surprised your ill‘ – but we don’t. We simply just don’t. On a personal level to me, a simple smile and a ‘thank you‘ makes my day.

Who do you have supporting you?

I have a personal tutor who deals with all my queries related to work, placements and any worries. She is amazing and has helped me a lot. We also have our module leaders who are trained in certain aspects of Nursing care. For example, if I need assistance about wound care there is a link tutor who is specifically trained in wound nursing management and we can go to them. They are fantastic learning tools. Plus, I have my family and friends who are wonderful in letting me vent, cry or simply ask how it is going. I love them for just asking 🙂

What piece of advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of becoming a nurse or other health professional?

If you want to become a Nurse and you feel it is something you would love to do then do your research, apply and enjoy the journey. It has it many bumps in the road but also some extraordinary achievements that will never leave you – ever. My advice to other health professionals and people who are student nurses is to turn every negative into a positive. There have been people I have not enjoyed learning from and fields/branches of nursing that I find dull. However, those negatives have made me evaluate my communication skills with others and how I perceive peoples personalities. If there has been a placement/clinical area I have not enjoyed then I say to myself ‘this area is not for you so you don’t have to work in it when you’re qualified.‘ As a result of it happening it has helped me realise that surgical nursing and blood giving are my passions.

If people wanted to pray for you, what would you like them to talk to God about on your behalf?

That I hope the Nursing role continues to grow and reach more people, particularly those in more deprived/under developed areas. My biggest hope is that every single person in the world should have access to health care that is affordable and easily accessible. It’s tough to achieve but I know it can be done. Furthermore, the rate of people applying for nursing courses is dropping – fast. I would love people to pray that this picks up. I can only vouch for myself, but I adore Nursing and the person it is allowing me to become. My only hope is that others follow into this amazing career field.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Rebecca! We will be praying for you, and look forward to celebrating with you when you graduate this summer. 😀

You can engage with more of Rebecca’s writings and video blogs at ‘Making Memories‘.



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