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LFS Introduces…Soul Surfers

Please introduce yourself, and give us a brief summary of what you are doing.

I’m Brian, [age] 30 something, living in Edinburgh, Scotland and the sea is broad on my horizon…

Surfing is often described as being “spiritual” or having “soul”.  I’m trying to gather some like minded people who love the sea and the beach.  I’m trying to encourage us to live our lives transparently in the beach communities we may be a part of and to invite others to join us.

I’m hoping that people will see that larger than our love of the sea is our love for Jesus and God’s love for them.  

I’d love us to really encourage other already established organisations such as Surfers Against Sewage and local surf schools or shops we may already have links with.

How did you get into this?

I’ve loved board sports since I was a kid and that’s never really left me.  I love the time I spend on the beach or in the sea.  I really enjoy the conversations and friendships I have made when doing that.  I just wonder if we can represent Christ on the beach – genuinely loving people and maybe nudging them slightly closer to exploring what Christianity is really about and who Jesus is through natural relationships that exist and which develop.  I would love to reclaim the notion of “beach mission”.

What is your vision for the next 6 months as Soul Surfers begins?

In six months time, our second child will be here and life will look very different.  I see the next 6 months as a critical time for me to act as a catalyst and see if there are any other likeminded folks out there and to see if we can get something started.

Where do you see God working through Soul Surfers?

On the beach, in the car trips to and from the beach, in the cafe after a surf session…on the internet via what I hope becomes a collaborative blog where some Christian surfers share observations on surfing and life in a relevant and creative way – free of cringing and bible-bashing.

Many people feel closest to God when they feel closest to nature.  I think that is just as true for many who don’t spend much time thinking about God.  They may not articulate it in those words, but there is something awe-inspiring and breath-taking in being in the midst of the great outdoors – whether that is hill walking or walking the dog;  snowboarding or boarding a boat; cycling or recycling…

For me the sea is deeply meaningful.  There is something about love vast as an ocean.  In a big way it makes us feel small.  There is something invigorating, something cleansing.  There is something about deep calling to deep.  There is something about footprints on the sand…

Who do you have supporting you?

The leadership of Morningside Baptist Church, Edinburgh

Christian Surfers UK 

My wife and daughter

How are they supporting you?

I love the church family I belong to and am hugely thankful for them.  Our leadership team has a clear vision and is helping those of us with visions and dreams to explore and test these and have been fantastic at equipping, training and resourcing us. 
The guys at Christian Surfers UK do a tremendous work in the surf communities in the UK.  The Scottish membership is small and scattered and maybe this initiative will help some of us form meaningful links to support, affirm, encourage and challenge each other.  Maybe we’ll spend some time together, maybe we’ll just be more accountable in the places we find ourselves.

My wife has been great at encouraging me to keep pressing on and testing this notion out – giving me time to investigate things and listening to my encouragements and discouragements.

Do you partner with anyone else?

At the minute this is being developed under the umbrella of a missional expression at Morningside Baptist Church and with support from Christian Surfers UK.  I hope a dedicated group will evolve in coming months.

What are the obstacles that stop you doing more of what you are doing?

Lack of interest or an inability to form a group physically or virtually via the Internet.

How can people engage with Soul Surfers and help it to grow?

By pointing others to our blog or to make contact.  It’s not just for surfers.  It’s for those who would like to help shape this, for those who want to intentionally pray for the surf communities and for partnering in environmental activities.

If people would like to pray for you, what would you have them talk to God about on your behalf?

For direction.  If God wants some folks to put their efforts into this, then I’m excited about what potential that may offer in His hands.  If this is merely a distraction from other areas we all ought to be focusing on, then I’m equally happy with that.  Right now, it kind of feels like me and God.  I’d love if a wee crew of like-minded souls gelled over the first 6 months of 2010 even if we are separated by geography, but linked via the blog or Internet.

Thank you so much for sharing your vision for Soul Surfers with us Brian! Praying that God would give you a clear direction in where He wants to take you (and others who feel inspired to get involved) through Soul Surfers.

You can follow the journey of Soul Surfers, which includes some cool surfer guest posts, on



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