LFS Introduces…Jenni Catron from CultivateHer

Please introduce yourself and give us a brief summary of what Cultivate Her is all about

My name is Jenni Catron.  I serve as the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN where I lead a staff of 30 at three campuses.  I love a fabulous cup of tea, great books, learning the game of tennis and hanging out with my husband and border collie.  I’m passionate about leadership and equipping others to lead well.

For years I’ve dreamed of creating an environment where women can connect, grow and be encouraged in their leadership development.  So after years of dreaming about it I finally stepped out last fall to launch “Cultivate Her.”

Cultivate Her is a leadership environment where women are inspired, challenged and encouraged in their leadership growth.  No matter what your leadership influence looks like, your gifts will be cultivated to encourage you to embrace our motto “wherever you lead, lead well!”

Cultivate Her monthly events include breakfast; time to connect with other women leaders, and challenging and inspiring teaching/discussion on leadership issues.

How did you get involved with/what inspired you to start Cultivate Her?

Through my journey as a woman leader, I have often found myself very isolated and longing for more connectivity with other women leaders.  In many seasons I have felt like the other women leaders around me, especially those a few steps ahead of me, were too busy to or disinterested in giving me some encouragement or direction.  Cultivate Her was started out of a passion to create a place for leadership-minded women to connect and encourage one another.  I believe the more we equip and encourage each other, the greater our confidence will be and the greater the opportunities we’ll have to lead.

What do you would like people to gain from Cultivate Her?

My hope is that women will be inspired to uncover their dreams and giftedness and grow more confident in leading wherever God has placed them.

What is 2010 shaping up to look like for Cultivate Her?

This year we’ll continue to hold our monthly events in Nashville.  We’re also praying about quarterly events and taking Cultivate Her to other cities.

Who do you have supporting you?  How do they support you?

There are 8 amazing women who make up the Cultivate Her leadership team. These women are some of my dearest friends and amazing leaders.  Each of them has personally invested a lot of time and financial resources to make this a reality.  We’re a non-profit organization so we are also supported by the donations of those who attend the events.

Do you partner with anyone else?

Cross Point Church (where I work) has been a great support by allowing us to use the facility for our events.

We’ve been placed with donations from several organizations.

Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson from the blog “Leading and Loving It” have been a great support

What piece of advice would you give to anyone with a dream they’re thinking of starting up?

To use our word… You have to cultivate that dream.  Journal about it, pray about it, share it with people you love and trust and get their feedback, keep praying about it and when you feel God nudging you – GO FOR IT!  You will never have it all figured out.  You’ll never be completely ready, but if it is a God-given dream, just be obedient to His calling and hang on for the ride!

How can others engage with you and others at Cultivate Her?

We just launched our blog at cultivateher.com.  We hope this will be a great resource to connect women leaders.  All of our team members blogs are listed there and of course I love to continue the leadership discussions at my blog “Leading in Shades of Grey”.

If people would like to pray for you, what would you have them talk to God about on your behalf?

Wisdom.  Pray that we use our influence wisely and steward the responsibility of leadership well.  Pray that women who are feeling discouraged, alone or directionless would engage with other women through the events or blog.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Jenni! As a woman leader, I’m really excited and so encouraged to see organisations like CultivateHer emerging. Hoping the CultivateHer team make it to Scotland one day soon…!

You can follow the CultivateHer blog at http://www.cultivateher.com and you can also follow Jenni’s own blog, Leading In Shades of Grey at http://www.jennicatron.tv


3 Responses to “LFS Introduces…Jenni Catron from CultivateHer”

  1. 1 Jenni Catron January 24, 2010 at 1:17 am

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to share about Cultivate Her! I love how your are introducing us to so many great leaders and their passions. What a great network.

    (By the way, it wouldn’t take much to persuade me to visit Scotland 🙂 )

  2. 2 Lori Wilhite January 24, 2010 at 4:25 am

    Love everything that you’re doing Jenni! And so excited that we can partner with you a bit! God is using you big time, lady! 🙂

  1. 1 Random Stuff On My Mind | Jenni Catron Trackback on January 24, 2010 at 2:50 am

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